Miracle Marlins Win! Miami Fans Celebrate, One Fan Goes to Jail? Ex-New Yorker supporting Marlins faces possible $500 fine and jail time.

April 22, 2011

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Miracle Marlins Win! Miami Fans Celebrate, One Fan Goes to Jail? Ex-New Yorker supporting Marlins faces possible $ 500 fine and jail time.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) October 27, 2003

An unemployed ex-New Yorker was detained by the Metro Miami Dade Police for offering to the public “Spank the Yanks” pins. The man who has not worked in over a year, believed that he was within the law to show his support and help his family make ends meet during these uncertain times.

Even after, earlier in the day, he had his wife call the local (Hammocks) police station to confirm if it was ok to offer these pins publicly. The person at the police station, told his wife that it was fine, providing that there were no signs posted stating “No Solicitation or Trespassing” and there was to be no obstruction in traffic.

With that in mind, the man made 30 buttons in the Marlin’s teal green with the words “GO FISH … SPANK THE YANKS! … GO FISH!” At 4:20pm, the ex-New Yorker went to the corner of 152nd Street & 137th Avenue in West Miami Dade to offer these 1 of a kind pins. The man stated, “I really didn’t do it for the money (heck $ 30 bucks isn’t much), but rather to show support for the Marlins” Like so many converted and true Marlin fans, he was impressed with how a young team, making 1/3 the salary of the opposing team, could have made it so far.

But all that high spirit and fan enthusiasm came to a crashing halt. Within 10 minutes of the man standing on the corner and not having sold a single thing. The Marlins fan was approached by Miami Dade Police Officer C. Faban and given an Complaint/Arrest Affidavit Form. The man attempted to explain to the officer that his wife called the police station and spoke with someone on the legality of his actions.

The police officer responded to man that she was misinformed. And the police officer issued the father of two, the arrest affidavit. The man jokingly said to the police officer, “You must be a Yanks fan”. The officer then shoved the noticed in the mans face. Now the man has to appear in court and face a possible fine of $ 500 and up to 60 days in jail.

Upon the man arriving to his home, he told his wife of their new crisis. And he asked her if she had the name of the officer who had given her the illegal information. She did not recall. She then called the police station again, this time she spoke with an Officer Fox. Officer Fox, who is with Miami Dade Police (Hammocks Precinct), told the man’s wife that without a name; she (Officer Fox) didn’t know who gave her the misinformation but admitted that there were two rookie officers on duty at the time she previously called. And in addition Officer Fox told the woman, her husband must now face responsibility and the consequences for what he has done. The man’s wife, then asked, “Well then, who at the police station will face responsibility for giving the illegal information? Which was the major factor in my husband being on the streets trying to feed his family.” Officer Fox stated that they could talk to Major Odio, who is in charge of the Miami Metro Dade Hammocks Police Station.

So the lesson to this story, for all the support and enthusiasm for the local team, make sure you speak with an attorney. The ex-New Yorker (converted Marlins Fan), who faces a $ 500 fine and 60 days in jail, will still root for the Marlins. He hopes that this horrible incident and bad karma given by the Miami Dade Police; will not jinx the Marlins. As he puts it, “Go Fish! Spank the Yanks! And if you can’t trust what the police are telling you, who can you trust?”

For more information or to arrange an interview with H. Peters (owner of SmartDecals.com, who made the buttons for the poor unemployed man), contact Jerry Saba of Southern Latino Communications at jsaba@govalue.com or by phone at 305-675-3861.

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