E-agency announces new sports marketing division

April 7, 2011

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E-agency announces new sports marketing division

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (PRWEB) July 9, 2003 – e-agency, an Oakland-

based interactive marketing communications firm, has launched a sports marketing division. With the need for positive sports stories, e-agency is bringing together its experience with athletes and sports-related companies and its skills in public relations, marketing, and event organization to deliver high-level consulting services to the sports industry.

Sports success stories write themselves. If only that were true.    Bad news about athletes can spread like wildfire; but good stories do not just “happen.” Proof positive – the Terrell Owens Sharpie incident makes front page news. His partnership with Sharpie to deliver supplies to schools around the country is buried.

The world loves to hear about great athletes or sporting companies doing great things, but getting those stories told takes work. To help address that need, e-agency announced today that it has launched a sports marketing division, providing athletes, sports companies, sports organizations and other sports-related clients with public relations, marketing, and fundraising or sponsorship consulting.

Paige Dunn, an Ironman-level triathlete, serves as a vice president of e-agency in its Los Angeles office. E-agencyÂ’s clients include Upland Sports Group, the Los Angeles Triathlon Club, Sutherland Racing Team, Northern California Marine Association, Special Olympics Northern California and the Race for PH, which Dunn co-founded.

“In my work with both athletes and sports companies, one thing is clear. Their focus is on the sport or the individual; they need someone with a different expertise to focus on building relationships with the media, creating publicity opportunities, attracting sponsors and stretching the marketing budget. That’s what we do best,” noted Dunn.

Patty Deutsche, a vice president at e-agency’s Oakland office, has worked with public figures for more than 15 years, handling media, organizing events, and building reputations and brands. “A sports company develops a new product that revolutionizes the way we run; a sporting event raises funds to build a new complex in an underprivileged neighborhood; an athlete makes a difference on or off the field,” Deutsche commented. “These are the stories that need to be told, that will build the client’s reputation, attract investors, and increase revenue. Isn’t that the bottom line?”

Dunn and Deutsche will work together with e-agencyÂ’s team of creative designers, former journalists, and advertising consultants to bring the full spectrum of publicity skills to their sports-related clients. From a Web site that communicates with fans on a real-time basis to developing materials for reporters and editors, they will use e-agencyÂ’s core strengths to provide clients with positive press that produces results.

E-agency is an Oakland-based interactive marketing communications firm specializing in advertising, public relations, strategic marketing consulting, response marketing, graphic design, and a complete range of more than 40 Internet services, including Web site design, e-mail marketing, Web advertising and site marketing.

Additional clients include Oakland International Airport, Safeway, the Shorenstein Company and KaiserAir. E-agency hosts more than 250 Web sites and has clients in 23 U.S. states and eight countries.

More information about e-agency can be found at http://www.pr.e-agency.com.

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A logo and portraits of Dunn and Deutsche, designed specifically for print publication, can be easily downloaded from http://www.GiveMeMore.com/e-agency.

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