American Mensa Names Mensa Select

April 14, 2011

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American Mensa Names Mensa Select® Winners

Arlington, TX (Vocus) April 24, 2007

After a 40-hour game-playing marathon, American Mensa’s Game Junkies (people who have an insatiable interest in gaming) named five new games as Mensa Select®. In alphabetical order, this year’s winners are:

Gemlok — Players strive to land on the most precious gems. The roll of the dice determines your
moves but your strategy determines your fate. Nothing is certain until you roll a gemlok! (Pywacket

Gheos — Players form and reform the land by placing or replacing tiles in play. Scoring takes place when players cash in one of their scoring tokens, by playing temple tiles, or by the drawing of Epoch tiles. (Z-Man Games,

Hit or Miss — Draw a card and list as many related words as possible. When time’s up, roll the die; land on HIT, pick a word that you think everyone wrote; land on MISS, pick one that only you wrote. (Gamewright,

Qwirkle — Players attempt to score the most points by building lines that share a common attribute — either color or shape. (Mindware,

Skullduggery — A strategy game with a unique tile board. Players try to be first to complete their maps and find the buried treasure while avoiding dangerous animals and enemy pirates. (Outset Media Games,

Mensa Select winners are chosen annually at the Mensa Mind Games® competition. During the competition, Mensa members play and rate new board and card games. The five games that rate the highest are named Mensa Select and may display the Mensa Select seal on their packaging.

“Games that bear the Mensa Select seal have proven to be fun, challenging and original,” said Pam Donahoo, executive director of American Mensa. “You don’t have to be a genius to enjoy these games and this year’s winners are excellent choices for both adults and kids. Anyone looking for a new game to play during a family night or an evening with friends will undoubtedly find that the Mensa Select winners provide hours of fun.”

This year’s Mind Games competition was held April 20-22 in Pittsburgh, PA. Two hundred and ten players from every corner of United States reviewed 59 game entries. During the event, Mensa members also filled out thousands of comment cards, which will be returned to the manufacturers. Suggestions from the comment cards are often used to improve the games.

Based in Arlington, Texas, American Mensa is an organization open to anyone who scores in the top two percent on an accepted, standardized intelligence test. More information about the organization may be found at More information about Mind Games and the Mensa Select Seal may be found at

Note: Photos of winners available upon request. Email Hilary Moore.

For more information:

Catherine Barney; 817/607-0060 ext. 5541

Hilary Moore: 817/607-0060 ext. 5542

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