Why are the Chicago Cubs such a popular team?

March 29, 2011
Chicago Cubs
by alykat

Question by Mohammad [Spurs/Bears/Tigers]: Why are the Chicago Cubs such a popular team?
I’ve always wondered this question for about a few years now, and its really sprung up to me that the Chicago Cubs are a very popular team. Why are they such a popular team though? Really they are one of my least favorite teams in professional sports, and they are boring to watch to me. I just always failed to see why they are a popular team.

Depending on where you live though it might make a big difference, because I live in the Midwest close to Illinois and everybody here is a Cubs fan (most aren’t loyal) as well.


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Answer by Aidan Rozdale
Go Cubs!!

I’ve been a Cubbie since I was real young.

-Because they are on WGN which is nationally broadcast
-Because they play at historic Wrigley field which is in a trendy neighborhood
-Because hot girls go to the games
-Because its cute that they never win
…Notice none of the reasons are because of the team itself.

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