Washington Nationals moving your seats up?

March 13, 2011
Washington Nationals
by wallyg

Question by Yiyi: Washington Nationals moving your seats up?
I heard a rumor that the attendance at Washington National games is so extremely low that it is possible to buy a $ 10 nose-bleed section ticket and just freely move up to a better seat? Is this true?

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Answer by DON W
Never saw anything official about that. As with most stadiums, there are attendants there–at least early in the game–to ensure that only the official ticket holders get to occupy the better seats. Is it possible to slide into some “empties” later on in the game, particularly after the attendants start to fade away–sure. I wouldn’t try for any of the “special” seats, though, such as behind home plate. And the sky boxes are definitely off-limits.

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