The English national team is not yet there!!

March 1, 2011
National League Central
by Steadmans in Cincy

A brief on the English premier league is that ManU is doing major damage to premier league teams and it seems that their lead seems to be expanding. Their form of attack is awesome. After scoring one goal, it’s like a matchstick that has been lit and is looking for dynamite to explode! Sir Alex truly knows his men well. Even when stricken by injuries, he knows how to mix and match the ‘not so regulars’ in such a way they perform as the starters. He is a genius and major applauds go to him. Then why doesn’t he coach a national team, say England itself because the form in which the England national team is, it’s wanting. Just imagine Sir Alex having the greatest in English football!!!

Fabio Capello has not yet learnt how to use his players. How can you have the top mid midfielders, strikers and defenders in the world and fail to come up with a convincing result? If you put Rooney and say Owen upfront, then have Lampard and Gerrard to deliver the ball to them, on the wings will have the ever so fast Walcott and on the other flank either Joe Cole or Wright-Phillips, why shouldn’t goals enter? And why should goals enter when we have the dominant figure of Rio Ferdinand and John Terry at central back. Or could it be that the English players are more committed to club than country? Because the way they play for club is not the way they play for country.

So if Sir Alex ever decides to retire from premier league…….read the complete article and others here

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