Tampa bay Rays are signing outfielder Brad Hawpe what will this do for them?

March 18, 2011

Question by Ryan: Tampa bay Rays are signing outfielder Brad Hawpe what will this do for them?
Outfielder Brad Hawpe will sign with Tampa Bay.

Hawpe had been released by the Rockies. The Red Sox and Rangers were also interested.

Hawpe will go with Tampa Bay because they offered him the most playing time. The Rockies are paying all but the pro-rated minimum of the rest of his salary.

What will this do for Tampa? Some are saying this is that bat that they have needed all season.

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This is a huge pickup for the Rays. Hawpe is a veteran with power from the left side of the plate. He has had a couple very good seasons with the rockies they simply had a crowded outfield and had to let him go. Why did didnt try to trade I dont understand. He is usually a streaky hitter and if he gets hot he can be a huge contributor to the middle of Tampa Bay’s lineup come October. He should be more to the Rays than what Berkman has been to the Yankees by far.

Dude look the Rockies are trying to clear the crowded outfield and getting a little younger OK they got rid of Hawpe cause he has proven he should be a starter and if they can’t give a starting position he’s gonna find it somewhere else. Obviously the fact that he was signed right away by a contending team just a couple seasons away from a World Series proves my point. Carlos Gonzalez is breaking out with an MVP year and leads the Rockies in every offensive category, Dexter Fowler is young and very talented and is a definite part of the clubs future bringing speed great defense and because he hits from both sides of the plate, also Seth Smith who is not even a starter has 16 home runs this year and has played very well. To add to the mix the rockies have called up Eric Young Jr. who is EXTREMELY FAST and plays both second base and the OF, the rockies also have Ryan Spilborghs as a back up OF, as well as the veteran Melvin Mora who is their utility guy and is usually in the OF mix. The truth is Hawpe is a great player who will certainly help Joe Maddon out somehow or they would not have signed him. He should find a role in Tampa Bay that will contribute to the team more than he would have in Colorado.

edit: I didnt say he is better than Berkman that would be crazy. If you look again I said:

“He should be MORE to the Rays than what Berkman HAS BEEN TO THE YANKEES by far.” Get it???

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