american league central good?

March 18, 2011

Question by I’m So Good I Scare Myself!: american league central good?
me’s thinkin the american league east is better.
you gots boston toronto and those other guys, errr what are they called agin? oh yeah, the yankmes.

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Answer by CollegeGuy011
The talent in the American League Central is tremendous…
The White Sox, Twins, Tigers and Indians, are all primed for a 90 win season…that is if they couldnt beat up on each other. The best pitching is found in this division…Santana, Verlander, Contreras, Sabathia to name a few, VERY competitive and will go down to the wire. Final records are misleading because there is only one doormat…Kansas City.
As to where in the East their is 2 good teams and one a little above average… in the Blue Jays. Of course B-more and Tampa will be bad once again.

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