220 Nintendo DS Games on 8gb Card

March 27, 2011

220 Nintendo DS Games on 8gb Card

I have over 200 Nintendo DS games on one 8gb DSTTi card. The DSTT is the same as the R4 but it is faster and more reliable. Your kids will never lose another game by taking them out and swapping them. All the games are on one card! Also comes with a SD adapter if you want to add your own games.

The card has been properly formatted using FAT32 64K. Beware of people that do not format the cards properly (most people don’t know how). They will be slow, unstable, and might possibly crash. You will lose all of your games.

You can chose if you want games for a girl or boy. I have one for boys, and one for girls. Let me know which one you want. Some games are fairly new, and I will show you how to get newer ones free at www.rom-freaks.net. New games include; Plants vs. Zombies, Rango, Pokemon black or white, Beyblade, Black ops, littlest pet shop (purple, pink, blue), ect… I also have DSI specific games available.

Rich 818-660-XXXX

Girls Games:

100 Classic Books
101 Dino Pets
101-in-1 Megamix Sports

Price: $ 35



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