Veteran RFID Label Equipment Manufacturer Panther Industries Expands Product Live with CUB

February 14, 2011

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) January 9, 2007

PROMAT Show – Panther Industries announced today the CUB Label Applicators with RFID. The CUB Label Applicator verifies that the information being written to the label is correct prior to the actual application. The CUB Label Applicator has the unique capability of reading a second RFID antenna for validation purposes once the label has been applied.

“Panther remains a leader in RFID labeling with the distinct capability of encoding prior to the application of the label and verifying after the task,” said James Thompson, Engineering Manager of Panther Industries. “Continuing to supply leading products is critical to our partners such as warehouse and distribution systems integrator, The Numina Group. Because of our commitment to excellence, The Numina Group and others have chosen to utilize Panther’s print and apply and RFID enabled technology as its equipment of choice for its automated labeling solutions such as the Panther 2000 in its installations.”

About Panther Industries

Panther Industries is an engineering-based manufacturer of Automated Labeling Equipment including Label Applicators, Label Print & Apply Systems and associated products. Panther’s staff is highly trained and experienced in labeling solutions and integration. Panther Industries is located in the Denver Metropolitan area with a wide network of National Distributors. You can reach the Company at 303.703.9876 or


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