Survey Results Reveal The Real Secret to Winning at Fantasy Baseball

February 7, 2011

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) November 10, 2004

“Uncle Scoopy” is no newcomer to fantasy sports. He participates in three fantasy baseball leagues on and even won one of them in 2003. This year, he won all three of his leagues. The common denominator was a strategy that takes advantage of an often overlooked type of player. Uncle Scoopy credits the book Fantasy Baseball Strategy (ISBN# 0-9748445-0-0) by first-time author Henry Lee for pointing out this strategy. Uncle Scoopy is not alone. A recent survey found that readers jumped over three spots in the standings this year with the help of the book. One in three readers actually ended up winning his league outright.

Henry Lee, inspired to write the book after completing his MBA, saw the connection between fantasy and reality. “Having won my league five out of the previous ten years, I realized running a fantasy team well is not much different than running a business. The whole concept of fantasy sports is pretending you are the General Manager of a sports franchise.” With the average entry fee climbing over $ 100, real money is at stake. It is no wonder that successful fantasy owners do not want to share their secrets of success. The best managers in business and sports have a long-term strategy for winning. They do not rely on game-time decisions. Fantasy Games Senior Editor Eric Karabell wrote about Fantasy Baseball Strategy, “If you want to go beyond just the stats, really delve into the strategy behind the great game of fantasy baseball, then this book is for you.” Far too many of the 15 million fantasy owners get caught up in the numbers of individual players. With the right strategy, the numbers will fall into place by themselves. Lee says, “Putting together a solid strategy for your fantasy team is the easiest and most effective way to significantly improve your chances within your league. Fantasy Baseball Strategy will show you how.”

Fantasy Baseball Strategy is published by Squeaky Press and is available at and other bookstores. Additional information can be found at

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