Student Athletes College Recruiting Edition Released on August 23, 2006

February 26, 2011

xml:lang=”en” lang=”en” xmlns=””> Student Athletes College Recruiting Edition Released on August 23, 2006

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) August 27, 2006

What are your odds of playing sports in college? There are over six million student athletes, and if you are contemplating playing sports in college, then the “Sportsmavericks’ Special Report on College Recruiting is a must to read.”

There are several levels in college athletics that provide scholarships, partial scholarships and some no athletic scholarships. “Keep in mind that the deciding factors don’t begin in your Senior Year of High School, they can begin as early as the ninth grade,” according to author of the report, Ida R. Muorie.

Examined the new rules that pertain to high school classes from 2006-2008. Reviewed rules that pertain to Home Schooled students. Note that computer science courses have been eliminated for core course purposes. Determine what test are required to met your initial-eligibility status.

This article will give you a jump start on your competition. Muorie has defined the key roles of parents, student athletes, academic advisers and coaches from grade nine through high school graduation. Muorie has also added tips to high coaches and academic advisers to facilitate the student athlete in achieving his or her long-term goal of playing college sports.

Student Athletes and Parents, Muorie says, “today is the time for action.” Visit Sportsmaverick website ( for a complete guide on organizing your game plan to managed the college recruiting process. “Don’t wait for the onslaught of college recruiters, take the offense and be prepared,” says author Ida Muorie.

Read’s latest articles for an understanding of why National Image Consultant Vernet Pegues calls Sportsmavericks, Smarttalk For Parents of Athletes, The New Sports Universe. “ has quickly become the Student Athletes Survival Guide On-Line tm, it is The New Sports universe,” say Peques.

Follow regular updates as takes the technological leap from Internet Radio to Traditional Radio, Television and Beyond. Sportsmavericks new slogan speaks for itself, “We Go where The Winners Go … Internet Radio, Television and Beyond tm.”


Over the years, more than 20 radio shows have made the successful transition from radio to television. We feel that Sportsmavericks, Smarttalk For Parents of Athletes will be among the same category of successful shows. Sportsmavericks was created by Ida Muorie in 2004 to bridge the information gap between parents and college athletes, while trying to balance an student athletes pursuit of academic excellence and sports participation, according to Muorie. Sportsmavericks, Smarttalk For Parents of Athletes has won rave reviews from their listeners, and have reached over 25,000,000 or more since its 2004 inception.

About Ida R. Muorie, Host and Executive Producer:

As a member of the University of Florida’s Gator Parent Group for four years (2000-2004), Muorie recognized a need for some type of organized education for parents of athletes in the business process of NCAA sports, sport scholarships, sport scouting, college recruiting, academic eligibility and a need for tools for parents/athletes to make effective decision to go professional. In an attempt to take parents from collegiate level to the professional level, the Sportsmavericks, Smarttalk For parents of Athletes Internet Sports show was born in 2004. updates

On July 26, 2006, Sportsmavericks Internet Radio Program launched a campaign to reach parents of athletes between 16-35. The Institute of Professional Readiness has teamed with Sportsmavericks Host and Executive Producer, Ida R. Muorie to take her Internet Radio concept of “Elite Athletes Redefined tm” to television and beyond. A pilot program is planned for December 2006, and the launching of simultaneous broadcasting on Internet radio and traditional radio will be announced later in the fall.

Sponsorships and Licensing Opportunities:

“The Sportsmavericks, Smarttalk For Parents of Athletes” has defined demographics, which will provide an increasingly popular and effective way to stretch your sponsorship and advertising dollars. The 16 to 35 years old market are coveted by brand clothing, electronics. automotives. music, books, DVD’s, Ipods, MP3’s, which lead to licensing brand opportunities. In addition, this show is a magnet for baby boomers who have children playing sports in high school, college and the pros.

For more information opn sponsorships and advertisement opportunities or interviews/speaking engagements for Ida Muorie, contact 941-228-4288.

Special thanks to Sportsmavericks, Smarttalk For Parents of Athletes 2004-2006 program series sponsors, Fast Track LLC, President, William Barnes and Eleanor Starks (Mother of Max Starks, OT Pittsburgh Steelers), Max Starks and Former Oakland Raider and three time super bowl veteran, Henry Lawrence.


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