Q&A: How is the life of an Oakland Athletics fan?

February 12, 2011
Oakland Athletics
by Kimberly*

Question by Dennis Paulie: How is the life of an Oakland Athletics fan?
How does the fan of the A’s face the games of the team? Are they confident on their team?
Are they deeply concerned fans or are they, instead, light fans? Are they fans who try always to attend the ballpark or do they prefer to watch the team playing on TV broadcasting?
Do they still have a big rivalry with the Giants fans in spite of the recent dominance of the Angels in AL West?
Are they complaining fans (never satisfied) or are fans who let things work at least for a while?
Which things do they appreciate the most when they see their team playing?

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Answer by The Prince of Phenomenal (Y!A7)
Well, there games seem kinda boring since there at the bottom in attendance. They were good during the 80’s but over the years the franchise just started to go downhill.

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