Manchester United went to Milan this summer, the North American Premier League club Arsenal preseason fight Daquan

February 6, 2011
American League Central
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South Africa World Cup this summer, but after entering in July, most teams will usher in the Premier League preseason to prepare for the 2010/11 season, “Daily Mail” published this summer’s preseason Premier League trip.

English Premier League season will be Aug. 14 to 20 teams before the start of the new season will be preparing for some team selection tournament preparation, and some teams will be staying in the arrival of other teams invited to start pre-season friendly.

The following is the Premier League have been identified preseason schedule:


July 17 Barnett

July 31 AC Milan Emirates Cup

August 1 Celtic Emirates Cup

August 7 华 Shalie Jia


July 16 Hong Kong team

31 July Derbyshire

August 3 Milton Keynes

August 7 Mallorca


July 17 Crystal Palace


July 10 Sydney FC

July 14 Melbourne Central

Roar in Brisbane on July 14

July 31 Norwich City


July 31 Borussia 拉格德巴赫


July 28 Team America

Manchester City will be with the Spurs, the New York Red Bulls and New York to join Sporting Lisbon Football Challenge, schedule to be determined.

Manchester United:

July 16 Boston

July 21 League of Philadelphia

July 25 Kansas City Wizards

July 28 Major League Stars

July 30 Chivas

August 4 Irish League Stars


July 24 Norwich

Stoke City:

July 22 Nantwich

July 24 the town of Newcastle

27 July Derbyshire

August 3 Bristol Rovers


July 13 Munster Stars

July 17 Darlington

Brighton July 21

July 24 Hull City

July 27 Japan Fika


July 18 San Jose Earthquakes

Tottenham will be with Manchester City, the New York Red Bulls and New York to join Sporting Lisbon Football Challenge, schedule to be determined.

West Brom:

July 10 Kitt Munster

July 27 Doncaster


July 28 Preston

August 4 Leeds United


July 20 Walsall

July 27 Reading

July 31 Leeds

August 3 Haz

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