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February 12, 2011

Fantasy Baseball: Top 15 Third Baseman for 2011 By Tiers
Tier 1: Evan Longoria To me, there is one first round third baseman and that is Longoria.  In 2010 he showed that he could bring the total package to the table, adding stolen bases (15) and a near .300 average (.294) to an already impressive package.  While the power faded a little bit, at 25-years old it is not hard to imagine him returning to the 30 HR level.   Throw in 100/100 potential and …
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2011 Fantasy Projections: How Good Can Atlanta Braves’ Jason Heyward Be at 21?
Our 2011 fantasy baseball projections will be released one-by-one until the top 100 players have been revealed. These rankings consider past achievements, current performance and expected future results based on standard 5×5 H2H settings. Jason Heyward proved to be as good as advertised last year, as the highly-touted rookie hit .277 with 18 HRs and 11 steals. Perhaps the most impressive thing …
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Fantasy Sports League Dispute? Now You Can Sue Your Fellow Owner
We have seen, in the last couple of decades, fantasy sports grow from Canadian hockey drafts and friendly baseball leagues into huge-dollar web fantasy contests and fantasy football and basketball leagues that consume large chunks of time for many, from college students to bored office workers in cubicle farms. That, naturally, can lead to disputes between team owners in a league. Should a trade …
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