Hire Bike Rental NYC for Bike Ride at Central Park New York City

February 18, 2011
American League Central
by danny.hammontree

Pick the best bike rental NYC for enjoying your Central park trip.However, you will also need to know a few things to go for a bike ride at Central Park; here is a discussion on those:

The park is officially closed from 1 am to 6 am. You can also rent bikes from this park office. It is important to note that cycling is not allowed on the path ways. Three long-distance routes are provided and these are 5.2 miles, 1.7 miles or 6.1 miles. Children below the age of 14 years must compulsorily wear helmets.

There is something worth knowing about Central Park New York City. Initially, when biking first started at Central Park, it was allowed only from the midnight till 9 am in the morning. In the year 1880 there was an annual meet League of American Wheelmen where 360 members had arrived. And during this meet around 30 bikes were damaged as bikes were dangerous and unsteady at that time. But today, bikes are safe and have many innovative functions and features. Today, you have helmets, colored spandex, lights etc. and thus accidents are not that frequent. During the daylight you will find many bikers here and they usually come for recreational and leisurely trips or simply to spend time with friends. But many competitive bikers and bicyclists are seen very early in the morning or even in the dark nights biking here. This park offers hilly as well as flat terrain for the bikers so that they can enjoy the thrill of biking as per their choice. This Park is shut to traffic from Monday to Friday mostly between10 am and 3 pm and 7pm and 7 am. And on weekends it is from 7pm Friday to 7am Monday. Biker’s lane is available when Central Park NYC stays open to traffic. But due to safety reasons it is not advisable to use the lane or drives for biking.

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