HENRY O! Plays In The Sands

February 27, 2011

Boston, MA (PRWEB) March 13, 2009

HENRY O! tells the remarkable and inspiring story of Henry Oliu, a man blind since early childhood, who has overcome all the odds and made his major league baseball dream come true. Calling upon his love for sports and an encyclopedic memory for facts and figures, Henry hears the crack of the bat and knows if it’s a single, double, or homerun; he listens for the ball singing into the catcher’s mitt and knows if it’s a curveball, fastball, or change-up. Henry is the color analyst on Mega Classica 820 radio, WMGG, the strongest Hispanic station in Florida’s Tampa Bay Market.

HENRY O! is a journey of humble beginnings and overwhelming obstacles, of faith in the human spirit and endless love of life and family, of sky-high dreams and aspirations achieved, all amidst the cheering crowds and major league heroes of America’s favorite past-time, baseball.

The White Sands International Film Festival is dedicated to the creation of opportunities for artistic interaction and exchange among independent filmmakers, directors, producers, distributors, and the film-going community in the unique backdrop of New Mexico.

Henry O!: Written and Directed by Ziad Hamzeh, Executive Producer R. Becker Edison, Produced by Karen Hunter and Ziad Hamzeh, Associate Producers Bert Brown, Marc Sandler, Nina Cullen-Hamzeh. A Hamzeh Mystique Films and Rose Mountain Production.

Henry O! Official Website: www.hamzehmystiquefilms.com/henryo

The 2009 White Sands International Film Festival: www.wsiff.com

Hamzeh Mystique Films Official Website: www.hamzehmystiquefilms.com

Rose Mountain Productions Official Website: www.rosemountainproductions.com


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