Greg Mercer’s 2009 Pittsburgh Pirates Preview

February 19, 2011

click “more” to see the video footnotes 2009 Pittsburgh Pirates Preview Vlog by Greg Mercer Here I am ranting about the 25 man roster for the 2009 Pittsburgh Pirates. I give my review of each projected starting player, and I also give my projected win/loss total for the year. Video Footnotes – Things I misspoke on / forgot to mention / couldn’t expand on 1) Morgan will probably get replaced by Hinske or Monroe at some point during the year…pretty sad. Hinske is OK, but he shouldn’t be starting on any team. Craig Monroe is Jeromy Burnitz. 2) I wasn’t saying the Pirates shouldn’t have traded Bay and Nady…the team was going nowhere, and the Pirates wouldn’t have paid them what they are worth. But, I don’t think the Pirates got enough impact players for as good as they were…especially for Bay. He was a certified All-Star. 3) Zach Duke didn’t lead the league in hits allowed last year, but he was 2nd in the NL and 6th in MLB in 2008…and his 1.5 hits allowed per inning led MLB in 2007. 4) I mispronounced Jason Jaramillo’s last name…I wasn’t going to re-record it just for that piece of garbage. 5) I forgot to mention John Grabow and Jesse Chavez…I couldn’t think of them while I was ranting, and I did this in one take. One thing I wish I had mentioned is that I think the Pirates will seriously regret not trading Grabow. Last year was an anomalous season for him. He’ll stink this year, and the Pirates will have lost another opportunity to flip a “dime a dozen” player

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