Germany's eco-energy saving building into the path of development of Chinese architecture – energy efficiency, central air conditioning – HVAC

February 10, 2011
National League Central
by CST 13

: A “German eco-energy saving building inspection trip” to a lot of developers start to consider, how China’s energy-saving building policy support, technical parts and gradually mature and become increasingly rich case, the close and reached the German level? Therefore, this trip interviewed several well-known real estate: investment real estate green real estate development director of the Center Simple Introduction, 100 million city of Group General Manager Zhou Bosheng, Greenland Group, Chengdu, assistant general manager Liu Xiaosong, the body of Chief Engineer Li Shuquan Olympic Garden , CapitaLand Management Division Deputy General Manager Zheng-Lin Zhang and the Chinese real estate procurement Union Executive Secretary Chen Zhongli. They agreed that the German eco-energy saving building inspection tour had a productive session.

Developers and corporate responsibility are enhanced parts

By the Chinese real estate procurement and parts business in the United Nations League of developers building energy study tour to Germany, but also reflects the non-government organizations, developers and parts business sense and awe of the building energy efficiency. Hope that more developers and companies to join the parts to the field of building energy efficiency, energy saving in China jointly develop the field. Moderator: The German study will affect your future parts procurement strategy?

Simple Introduction: Now real estate investment has been involved in green building to office, hotel, residential and the industrial park, we hope to go further in this way can be more sophisticated. Next, we will be more energy-saving technology used in new office buildings and large park.

Currently, we are working with the Clinton Foundation, Carrier, Johnson Controls, Honeywell, Siemens and other companies to conduct their own energy-saving aspects of construction Cooperation (EMC), hope the real estate investment projects in environment improvement, energy allocation to achieve better energy savings.

Zhou Bosheng: through the investigation and exchange of Central air conditioning The Digital Scroll technology to understand more clearly, especially in air-conditioned have a clearer choice of procurement standards. In the past, as developers understand the core technology for the lack of air conditioning, central air-conditioning products in the shopping, and more concerned about cost, quality, service, reputation, cooling capacity, etc., with little attention to the value of the energy efficiency of air conditioning (CUP).

The future, with tensions and national energy saving policy guidance, in Tender We will CUP value procurement as an important technical parameters for consideration and will become increasingly concerned about energy saving products and technologies. This is the consensus of many development companies. Through the energy-saving trip, many people also changed understanding, more concerned and started to consider how China should promote energy efficient building should be carried forward from what is most effective.

Chen Zhongli: China’s real estate projects by the Union and parts procurement company in the United Nations developers saving building inspection tour to Germany, but also reflects the non-government organizations, developers and parts business sense of responsibility and the fear of building energy efficiency.

And I hope to see more developers and companies to join the parts to the field of building energy conservation, so that together upstream and downstream industry chain, the situation in the financial crisis spread, the Baotuan to face the “winter.” As a platform for Chinese real estate procurement alliance will play their own strength, together with the developers, parts enterprises in China to expand the field of energy saving.

Liu Xiaosong: Through this study, many ideas and concepts began to clear. Green has appeared before the development of housing projects, many fine decoration reflect the owners of large central air-conditioning power consumption, the situation can not afford the equipment affordable. Now, we found the cause, is the external thermal insulation systems and air conditioning control system is not more optimal, since in this regard will be more concerned about the system solutions.

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