Chicago Cubs Fans Are Annoying

February 21, 2011
Chicago Cubs
by chicagophotogirl

Chicago Cubs fans really are beginning to get annoying. All I hear now is how it is unfair that the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees have all the money to spend on good players. The fact is though, Chicago Cubs has the third-highest salary in all of major-league baseball. The problem is that there are always just picking the wrong people for a team. You’ve gotta make sure you put a team together that doesn’t have all the different attitudes that do not mesh.

No, this is not your year. Every time you talk to a Chicago Cubs fans you find yourself wishing that you never did. If it is in February they say, this is our year. If it is in June they say, we like to try to play catch up. If it is in September they say, there’s always next year. No, this is not your year and there is not always next year. The way the team is put together there is no chance of bringing a World Series home to Chicago. The best chance is the White Sox, again!

Also, stop saying and talking about how it would be bad if Mark Cuban did end up actually with full ownership of the Chicago Cubs. This would be a good thing! He would use his money on players that will come together and just play the game and not say anything. Mark Cuban knows that this makes the best teams in any sport. If anything needs to be said it will be said by Mark himself. He is not at all scared of speaking his mind to the public and the commissioner.

He won’t ruin the sport of baseball either. He will only make it better. To get an owner that would want to actually sit and be part of his fans would be a pleasure in anything. Then at no time should you Chicago Cubs fans ever complain that your owner does not want it as bad as you do. He’ll be cursing and screaming as much as the other fans because the team is playing terrible. He will also be cheering loudly every game of the season and sitting with the other Cubs fans in the stadium.

The lesson here is that you are being offered everything you need to win a World Series and yet you are complaining about every little thing. The Chicago Cubs fans are becoming worse than Red Sox and Yankees fans themselves. Cubs fans always try to say that everyone comes back on the Yankees bandwagon when they become good again. However, I’ve seen the same thing with Cubs fans this year. No one even talked about the Cubs when they played terrible but as soon as they started to come back in their division and now lead everyone is talking about them again.

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