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February 8, 2011

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October 29, 2001

-Commentary by Brett Hanavan

“Now the time has come / There are things to realize / Time has come today / Can’t put it off another day

I don’t care what others say….”

From “Time Has Come Today,” words and music by Joe and Willie Chambers of The Chambers Brothers

San Diego Sports Voices, in supporting the building of the downtown Ballpark, calls for the City of San Diego and the San Diego Padres to move forward in the ballpark project.

This action would happen if the City of San Diego extends its negotiating agreement with the Padres. This agreement is based on a memorandum of understanding.

City attorney Casey Gwinn reportedly made comments about lawsuits filed by Bruce Henderson as being the main cause for delay. However, these delays have reportedly added cost to the project. Reportedly, its original projected cost was $ 267.5 million, but is now expected to be closer to $ 295 million according to the Padres.

Meanwhile, construction and improvements in the immediate district surrounding the currently stagnant Ballpark construction have gone forward, but slowly.

Gwinn said he hopes to have a vote from the city council by the end of the month.

Please begin building the ballpark again. Several other major American cities have built new stadiums, most rather quietly, in recent years including Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Seattle and Washington DC. There are others too.

The operating memorandum of understand in San Diego was created in 1998 following a vote by citizens to build a baseball-only stadium just east of the downtown Gaslamp District and north of the San Diego Convention Center.

It is time for it to move forward, pay dividends in attraction, tourism, and competition for this city, to bring jobs to the inner city and create opportunity for San Diego. Find a way to begin reconstruction now. And, letÂ’s play ball at 19 Tony Gwynn Drive as soon as we can.

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