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February 18, 2011
Pittsburgh Pirates
by cory.cousins

It doesn’t seem to matter where you’re from or if you ever have lived in Pittsburgh or not, Pittsburgh Steeler fans are all across the country. In fact, through out my time online and in real life I have run into many people from states that have really good football teams, and they don’t even take notice of those teams, all they care about is the Steelers! And with good reason. I’m not saying the Steelers are better than any other team; I’m thinking it, but I’m not saying it! I’m just saying that for some reason people always seem to flock to the Steelers. They have come a long way since being the oldest team ever in the NFL when the franchise first started back on July 8th 1933 as the “Pittsburgh Pirates.”

The Steelers have many championships under their belts. With 6 League Championships, 5 Super Bowl Championships and 18 Division Championships, what’s not to love?!? If you’re a Steelers fan you enjoy all things Steelers. Including clips, videos, stats, games, team members, tributes, news, etc. Being that your online right now reading this gives you a great opportunity to go and watch some videos of past interviews, clips and actual games. So if you’re interested in doing something like this, how do you go about it? Well its pretty simple since the Steelers are the best team ever, you can find any and all info your searching for just by going to your favorite search engine and typing in “Steelers” or “Pittsburgh Steelers.” If your into the Pittsburgh Steelers or a die hard fan (die hard fan – a person that eats, sleeps, breaths, and bleeds black and gold!) then these sites are worth checking out!

– Steelers – The official site for the Pittsburgh Steelers. You can find tons of info on this site, and what you can’t find you don’t need!

– PittsburghLive – Information about the Pittsburgh steelers including schedules, results, news, stats and roster.

– ESPN – A site for all thing’s sports! This is also a good site to find information about players and football training camp.

– NFL – This is obviously another official site. It can be used to find the game roster, team leaders, injury reports, headlines, player and coach quotations, and game previews.

If your searching for other things online besides Steelers sites, such as Steelers Video sites you can search on your favorite search engine for keywords relevant to Steelers Videos such as “Watch Steelers Videos Online” or “Watch Interviews Online.”

I don’t know about everyone else but, I really wish that professional football was played all year long! I really can’t wait for our guys to get back on that field and start kicking some butt! Black and gold all the way!

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