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January 12, 2011
Detroit Tigers
by ColorblindRain

You don’t need to keep looking for a TV remote to watch baseball on a telly. You can watch tonight’s Detroit Tigers vs. Los Angeles Angels game online without having to install any hardware. All you need is a special software that comes with more than 3500 channels from around the world. Out of this 700 are from United States and many of these are sports TV channels. Find out how you can watch today’s Tigers vs. Angels baseball game on your computer. Click here to get the links .

To be able to watch live baseball Detroit vs. Los Angeles game on a pc, you need a good and stable internet connection to allow seamless viewing. You can watch live baseball games on a computer if the internet service is a dial up or a broadband. The important thing is the connection to be stable. Broadband is especially good for watching television on the internet and sports as well.

Your computer needs to have a processor speed of more than 400 MHz to be able to access the free live baseball games on your computer. The monitor virtual memory is also important and a size of 500mb is fine. This will ensure that the larger images of online TV do not leave your computer hanging from depleted virtual memory.

This software is by far the best quality that I have seen from the internet as compared to the hundreds of other similar packages. Most of the competition either have poor quality channels or have all their channels from China and in a language you will not be able to hear.

To download this software, it will take you less than 2 minutes as it has a very light program. It is also free from adware and unnecessary stuff that tend to slow down many computers. Of all the 10 similar sports TV softwares that I have tested, this one hold the pole position due to its picture and sound quality and integrity.

This software to watch live baseball games online is also easy to use and even a kid can operate it easily. The many channels are well arranged and are not confusing at all. I would rate this package at a good 9 in the software to watch baseball game on the internet category.

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