Tips to Collecting 70s and 80s Chicago Cubs Memorabilia

January 22, 2011
Chicago Cubs
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As one of the most well known teams in professional baseball, the Chicago Cubs have been through some rough and some really good seasons. With nicknames such as “The Cubbies”, “The North Siders”, “The Boys in Blue”, and “The Loveable Losers”, they have acquired nicknames based on their look, physical characteristics, and they way they play their game.

If you are into collecting 1970’s through 1980’s Chicago Cubs memorabilia, you probably already know it is becoming harder and harder, on a daily basis, to find authentic Chicago Cubs memorabilia, reliable sellers, and good prices. As many fans may already know, the Cubs had a rough time during the19 70’s and early 1980’s, lasting into the mid-1980’s seasons.

In the early 1970’s, the Chicago Cubs played so poorly, they picked up the nickname, “The Lovable Losers.” It wasn’t until 1977, when they obtained 8.5 game winnings into the lead, having their first good season since the 1960’s, which placed them in first place for the first half of the season.

In the 1984 season, when Dallas Green, the General Manager of the Chicago Cubs, brought on pitcher Rick Sutcliffe, late in the season. This put together one of the best teams the Cubs had in a long time, with their new pitcher, Rick Sutcliffe, Scott Sanderson, Dennis Eckersley, Ron Cey, and MVP Ryne Sandberg, to win 96 victories and the NL East title. They were then prevented from winning the World Series of 1984, after a loss to the Padres in their 6th playoff game. Five years later, in the 1989 season, they had another breakthrough season, as they had their first all night game season and won 93 games. This led to another NL East title, yet another failing attempt at the World Series.

With many memorable seasons, both bad and good, it can be hard to collect 70’s-80’s Chicago Cubs memorabilia. First, you might be trying to find memorabilia from some of their worst seasons, like in the early 1970’s. Since they played poorly, fewer fans kept memorabilia from those seasons. However, if you are trying to collect memorabilia for the Cub’s ground breaking seasons of the late 80’s, from years like 1984 and 1989, you will also have a rough time, as many people hold on to items for memory, increase value, and to keep for their own collections.

Researching, comparing prices, along with checking sellers’ customer feedback and comments, can ensure you get quality and authentic 1970’s-1980’s Chicago Cubs memorabilia, off websites such as EBay and Amazon. These places have tons of memorabilia to sort through; however, remanufacturing and bootleg products have been known to scam money. Be sure to purchase from EBay Power Sellers and well respected and rated Amazon sellers, preventing you from online theft, through fake merchandise.

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