The Silliness of Major League Baseball’s Stupidity With Payroll

January 18, 2011
National League East
by leigh_east_photoman

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Richie Sexson of the woeful Seattle Mariners is simply the latest example of the silliness of Major League Baseball’s love affair with high-priced superstars whose production is pathetic.

Pity the Seattle Mariners, whose 37-58 record through Sunday (7-13-08) in the American League West Division was tied for the second worst in the majors, a whopping 20 games BEHIND the league-leading Los Angeles Angels at Anaheim, who are 57-38.

Only the Washington Nationals in the National League East have a worse record at 36-60; they are 16 games behind the division-leading Philadelphia Phillies at 52-44.

The San Diego Padres in the National League West Division match the Mariners 37-58 mark, but the Padres are ONLY 10 games behind the division-leading Arizona Diamondbacks, who sport a 47-48 mark (.495 win percentage). The Diamondbacks have nothing to write home to mom about, but the Mariners are even more horrific.

Interim General Manager Lee Pelekoudas had seen enough Sunday when he gave over-priced and under-achieved Richie “The Rich Man” Sexson his walking papers. Seattle released Sexson and will pay the remaining ,793,000+ due on his contract just to get him out of the clubhouse.

“Richie wasn’t going to play regularly,” said Manager Jim Riggleman, “and I saw his body language on the bench . . . that was reason enough to do this. We can’t have negativity on the club. I think the players would agree

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