The New York Yankees hailed as the most successful MLB team in the history of professional baseball

January 2, 2011

October 2010 was a month that brought an out of imagination surprise for the baseball lovers when New York Yankees lost to Texas Rangers in the 2010 American League Championship Series. The defeat was a huge shock as Yankees is a team with highest all-time regular 2009 season winning percentage of .568 while Rangers have a record of lowest wining percentage.  The Ranger’s victory was credited to their home field advantaged that they got at the ALCS venue Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Yankees have previously faced Rangers 3 times in postseasons and Yankees won all the meetings. Yankees have 27 won out of 40 World Series appearances, the best winning record of any team in the baseball history.  NYY have distinct record of playing against every National League pennant winner in the World Series except the Houston Astros and the Colorado Rockies.

October has gone and now the Yankees are gathering their spirits to revive their image as the next World Series Champions. Derek Jeter. Jeter has played his entire baseball career with Yankees and he is the most remarkable Yankee player and also the best shortstop player and his hiring is Yankees top agenda. Despite of the Derek’s age (36) factor both parties are confident to close the deal because Yankees already had lost its principal owner, former PA announcer and longtime Yankee icon, former player and manager (all passed away) during 2010. The fans are always see New York yanked live so they are looking for the cheap new York Yankees tickets from different locations.Now you can buy online New York Yankees Tickets ,

After the unexpected loss against Ranger, critics are of the strong view that New York Yankees are in an absolute need to bring back their staring pitcher Cliff Lee whom they broke deal in July and traded him with Rangers. He is the first person to pitch three 10-plus strikeout games in just one postseason and he was extremely helpful to lead the Rangers towards World Series victory. However the rude behaviors of the Yankee supporters towards Lee’s wife Kristen Lee (they threw beer and spitted in her direction) have crushed the NYY chances to get back pitcher this off-season.

CC Sabathia, the most expensive pitcher in the history of New York Yankees underwent an arthroscopic surgery to correct a small meniscus tear in his right knee on Friday morning. The knee injury was an issue for the left hander for most of this season. It was the Yankees second season with CC and Yankees won all three of Sabathia’s playoff starts.

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