SBS CEO Says That NFL’s Super Bowl Economic Impact is Underestimated by $25 million

January 18, 2011

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) June 13, 2004

The Super Bowl’s economic impact has been estimated at as great as $ 300 million. It has also been written and said that the impact of the “World’s Largest Single-Day Sports Event” is little, if any measure at all.

Zenophon Abraham, head of the effort to bring the Super Bowl to Oakland, and now Chairman and CEO of Sports Business Simulations, says that the Super Bowl’s economic impact is not correctly estimated, and is underestimated.

“It’s underestimated because the economic studies don’t take into account the mention of the city’s name on television, the Internet, and in newspapers and on radio,” Abraham said. “For example, the cost of one 30-second spot for the Super Bowl is about $ 3 million. It takes about just less than a second to say the name ‘Houston.’ So, if you estimate that the name Houston will be mentioned about 20 times during the game, that’s $ 2 million of free advertising revenue that the city doesn’t have to spend, yet benefits it. How? It’s marketing. It places Houston is the minds of people around the World who would never ordinarily consider visiting it.”

Abraham, was in Houston for Super Bowl XXXVIII, said “The Super Bowl changes that. If the viewer comes to Houston, that’s an economic impact in addition to the mention of the name in the media, but is caused by that action. It’s safe to say that Houston will receive about $ 25 million in economic impact from this source – media exposure – alone because of the two-week Super Bowl period. Add that estimate to the base estimate of $ 240 million, and that’s a $ 265 million economic impact. Media marketing is about 10 percent of that total.”

Abraham says that a city like Oakland, California really could benefit from that kind of exposure. “It would take Oakland out of the shadow of San Francisco for the foreseeable future. The trouble is that the current Mayor Jerry Brown does not understand the role of sports in urban development.”

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