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January 20, 2011

Check out these Fantasy Baseball images:

A Cheap Shot at Pittsburgh Media?
Fantasy Baseball
Image by levypuck
From Yahoo! Sports and their constantly updated fantasy notes. Is this really fair to Pittsburgh?

Day 98/365 – Make-Believe Champion
Fantasy Baseball
Image by Kevin H.
This is the view I have from my desk at work. There are no windows in my office, so I make do with an enlargement of a photo of mine that I like and the sad vestiges of geeky loser glory — in this case, fantasy sports championship banners and pennants.

Each year my brother, a few of my nephews, and I compete against each other in fantasy baseball, football, and basketball leagues on It costs about 25 bucks and if you win your league, they send you a championship banner. Or at least they used to, anyhow. Now you just get a cheap, crappy pennant. The banners were much cooler.

So far I’ve won fantasy baseball twice (2001 & 2008), basketball once (2008), and football once (2005). We were playing in a free fantasy football league the year I won so I didn’t get a banner for that one. Bummer. Since I don’t have a banner for it, my brother argues that one doesn’t count. Of course, he’d take just the opposite position if he had won that year.

He’s won baseball three years in a row (and then boasted about his ‘dynasty’ to no end) and football once. Neither of us did that well in football this year, although he did make the playoffs at least. So far we’re both struggling in this year’s fantasy basketball season as well, but there’s still time to turn it around. Hopefully.

(January 14, 2009)

bad day
Fantasy Baseball
Image by Jonathan Assink
On a scale of one to bad, yes.

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