Lee Elia Tirade – Chicago Cubs – 4/29/83

January 2, 2011

Good article on the event here: www.chicagoreader.com Elia clearly regrets his ourburst. “I made some comments that I don’t even know how they came out of my mouth, because they were not comments that I normally would make. Never in my wildest dreams did I think somebody would run out of there and put it on the air.” 1983 turned out to be Elia’s final year as the Cubs’ manager. Many have argued that Grobstein’s tape sealed upper management’s decision to fire Elia. Grobstein heartily disagrees. He commented recently that “the tirade and my tape did not get Lee Elia fired – the team starting to suck again did.” Whatever the case, the tirade is now 25 years old, solidly entrenched in the firmament of baseball lore…and is TOTALLY AWESOME. Enjoy.
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