How To Find Fantasy Baseball Sleepers

January 13, 2011
Fantasy Baseball
by lakelandlocal

Statistics is an important thing to pay very close attention to if you’d like to do well in fantasy baseball. Today I’m going to offer you some of my easy to understand pointers on how to go looking for those all slippery fantasy baseball sleepers as I noted in my article yesterday.

Are you prepared to learn one of my most secretive tips I can offer you up in the fantasy baseball world? Well let’s go, one of my key indicators for finding fantasy baseball sleepers is, you must look at the 2nd half numbers. You could be asking what do you mean by 2nd half numbers? Well, when folks in fantasy baseball refer to a player’s 2nd half numbers it suggests the stats of a player during the prior baseball season from after the all-star break to the end of the year. These numbers can be simply found on a number websites, but I like yahoo sports for their site permits you to look up players under the player tab. Then the better part is they have a tab right under the player’s picture, you just looked up, called “Split Stats” it will then show you all of the players figures split up in all alternative ways. It is sort of like when you go to the horse track where they show how a horse does in an one mile race versus one and 1 / 4 mile races or on grass versus dirt tracks.

Well now you understand and know where to go looking for a player’s second half numbers. Now I will explain what things you should target when you are looking at them.

The #1 thing that strikes me is when a player has a high average in the second half of a season. This could tell you a number of things, mostly good, about a player. Like, perhaps the player was in the first half of his rookie season and then started feeling comfortable in the second half or maybe the player was hurt and in the first half and then in the second half became healthy and so on. These are things that show some of the potential a player has AKA Fantasy baseball sleepers. Another key indicator that I love to look at when I’m attempting to find some fantasy baseball sleepers is how the player is influenced in the batting line up. Due to these types of diverse things you should think about, which will help your player either being moved up into a more favorable batting position or down to an unattractive position. This will most likely affect his runs batted in and his runs.

Well these are a couple of my key indicators I use when I’m hunting for fantasy baseball sleepers. I hope this will help you out when you’re looking for your own fantasy baseball sleepers and further help your knowledge in fantasy baseball.

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