How did the Montreal Expos get their name?

January 18, 2011
Montreal Expos
by mattk1979

Question by Roo Diva: How did the Montreal Expos get their name?
How did the montreal expos get their name? They know longer exist but i need to know for bonus points???? Give me a good answer!!!

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Answer by a_man_could_stand
Montreal was awarded a major-league team in 1968…The previous year, the city of had just hosted the World’s Fair, which by then was called the World “Expo.”

The city had been home to a very successful minor league team called the “Royals,” (which included Jackie Robinson as an alumnus), but KC had adopted the name by then.

Also, ownership wanted a name that would be “neutral” and not favor either the city’s English-speaking or French-speaking population. “Expo” won out because it would “translate” the same in either language.

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