Elite Athletes Redefined: Sportsmavericks.com, Smarttalk for Parents of Athletes Reveals for the First Time its 15 Proready Impact Principles — ‘A Student Athletes Survival Guide On-Line’

January 3, 2011

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) August 3, 2006

Sportsmavericks, Smarttalk For Parents of Athletes, We Go Where The Winners Go – Internet Radio, Television and Beyond™ — “Sportsmavericks’ 15 Proready Impact PrinciplesTM have received rave reviews from college athletic departments, professional athletic associations, student athletes, professional athletes, parents of athletes, sports agents, sports trainers, sports writers to name a few since their introduction in 2005,” says Henry Lawrence, Former Oakland Raider, Three Time Superbowl Champ, Nominee for Football Hall of Fame and Sports Adviser.

“Listen to Sportsmavericks, Smarttalk For Parents of Athletes’ past ‘Live’ broadcasts that featured sports professionals, professional athletes, parents of athletes, sports agents, sports trainers and sports writers talking about Sportsmavericks’ 15 Proready Impact Principles™, and discuss why it is not enough today to be just a good athlete, you have to be proready to go to the next level.”

“Introduced first on ‘Sportsmavericks, Smarttalk For Parents of Athletes (Internet Sports Radio Show), these 15 Proready Impact Principles™ have fast become the Student Athletes Survival Guide on line.”

Sportsmavericks, Smarttalk for Parents of Athletes was launched December 7, 2004 during the 2004 NFL Rookie Camp in San Diego by Host, Author and Executive Producer Ida Muorie and Co-Host Eleanor Starks, mother of Max Starks, Right Tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Henry Lawrence, former NFL Tackle and Sports Advisor.. “The Sportsmavericks’ 15 Proready Impact Principles™ are the brain-child of ida R. Muorie, who developed and produced the Sportsmavericks Sports Internet Radio Show.”

Hear “live audio” from Henry Lawrence (Former Oakland Raider/3-time veteran of the Superbowl), Robert Williams and Vernet Peques (National Image and Cultural Consultants), Charlie Wright (General Manager of Athletes Performance,West Coast), Dr. Keith Carradine (Associate Athletic Director) and Ashley Bowman (Compliance Specialist) of University of Florida, Eugene Parker (CEO of Maximum Sports Management and 2004 ESPN.com Draft Derby Award), Coach Tom ( Speed Coach Specialist), Members of the famed 2004 Pittsburgh Steelers” Rookie Class (Max Starks, Willie Parker, Ricardo Colcough and Matt Kranchik, now with Tampa Bay) and the famous football family “The Browner Brothers” (Ross, Jimmy, Willard, Joey and Keith Browner) and many more expert guest. Listen as each expert reveal what it takes today to be an Elite Athlete.

“In past history, Elite Athletes were defined as the athlete that could run the fastest, lift the most weight, shoot the most baskets, make the most touchdowns, throw the farthest, leap the highest and drive the fastest. Today, that definition includes character, compliance suitability, integrity, academically eligibility, role model, , interviews well, scores high on the Wonderlic Test, drug-free, mentally and physically ready, and a great leader on and off the field,” says Ida R. Muorie, Host and Executive Producer of Sportsmavericks, Smartttalk For Parents of Athletes.

Read Sportsmavericks.com latest articles for an understanding of why national image consultant Vernet Peques calls Sportsmavericks, Smarttalk For Parents of Athletes, “The new sports universe.”] Follow regular updates as Sportsmavericks takes the technological leap from Internet radio to television and beyond. Sportsmavericks new slogan speaks for itself, “We Go Where The Winners Go – Internet Radio, Television and Beyond™.”

About Sportsmavericks.com:

Over the years, more than 20 radio shows have made the successful transition from radio to television. We feel that Sportsmavericks , Smarttalk For Parents of Athletes will be among the same category of successful shows. The Internet show was created by Ida Muorie in 2004, to bridge the information gap between parents and athletes while trying to balance an athletes pursuit of academic excellence and sports participation.” Sportsmavericks, Smarttalk For Parents of Athletes has won rave reviews from their listeners, and have reached over 25 million or more since their 2004 inception.

About Ida R. Muorie, Host and Executive Producer:

As a member of the University of Florida’s Gator Parent Group for four years (2000-2004), she recognized a need for some type of organized education for parents of athletes in the business process of NCAA sports, sport scholarships, sport scouting, college recruiting, academic eligibility and how to make an effective decision to go professional. In an attempt to take parents from the collegiate level to the professional level, the Sportsmavericks, Smarttalk For Parents of Athletes internet sports show was born in 2004.

Sportsmavericks.com Updates::

“On July 26, 2006, Sportsmavericks Internet Radio Program launched a global campaign to reach parents of athletes between 16-35.” Institute of Professional Readiness teams with Sportsmavericks’ Host and Executive Producer, Ida R. Muorie to take her internet Radio Concept www. sportsmavericks.com [Elite Athletes Redefined™] to television and beyond.

Sponsorships and Licensing Opportunities::

“The Sportsmavericks, Smarttalk For Parents of Athletes has defined demographics, which will provide an increasingly popular and effective means of stretching sponsorships and advertising dollars. The 16 to 35 years old athlete markets are coveted by brand clothing, electronics, automotives, music, jewelry, furs, luxury homes, books, DVDs, Ipods, MP3’s and movies, which leads to many licensing brand opportunities.”

For sponsorship and advertisement opportunities or interviews or speaking engagements for Ida R. Muorie contact 941-228-4288 or email us for information.

Special thanks to Sportsmavericks, Smarttalk for Parents of Athletes 2004-2005 program series sponsor, Fast Track LLC, President William Barnes – Los Angelas, California.


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