Detroit Tigers!!!!???

January 7, 2011

Question by iamawesome: Detroit Tigers!!!!???
This will be dark times for tigers fans if they lose the lead in the wild card and division for good. I mean if there is one team that does not deserve to lose it is the tigers because they went from setting the record for most losses in a single season (119) to becoming AL champs. All you yankees fans dont deserve to whine if you dont make the playoffs I mean ur like the Detroit Red Wings in baseball form. (the red wings are an NHL team who has made the playoffs for 14 consecutive years and winning 3 championships along the way). All I’m trying to say is that if there is one team that desrves to win its the Tigers. (No disrespect to cubs fans). but 119 losses is not something to be proud of.

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Answer by Frizzer
The season is a series of ups and downs and the stronger teams will be there at the end, and I believe the Tigers will be in the playoffs. With almost one third of the season left to play there is plenty of time for the Tigers to get rolling again, and they are too good not to.

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