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January 11, 2011

Check out these Washington Nationals images:

Piling up poles, Camp Roosevelt, George Washington National Forest, Virginia
Washington Nationals
Image by Oregon State University Archives
Creator: U.S. Forest Service

Image Title: Piling up poles, Camp Roosevelt, George Washington National Forest, Virginia

Date.Original: 1933-00-00

Description/Notes: USFS photo #277008

Original Form: Gelatin silver prints

Original Collection: Gerald W. Williams Collection

Collection series: Civilian Conservation Corps album

Item Number: WilliamsG:CCC piling poles

Restrictions: Permission to use must be obtained from the OSU Archives.

Transmission Data: Master scanned with Epson 1640XL scanner at 600 dpi., 8 bit gray scale. Image manipulated with Adobe Elements 4.0.

Date.Digital: 2008-04-10

Contributing.Institution: Oregon State University Libraries

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We’re happy for you to share this digital image within the spirit of The Commons; however, certain restrictions on high quality reproductions of the original physical version may apply. To read more about what “no known restrictions” means, please visit the OSU Archives website.

Presidents Race, Washington Nationals
Washington Nationals
Image by Scott Ableman
Washington Nationals Presidents Race featuring Teddy, Abe, George, and Tom. George Washington Leads from wire to wire. Teddy Roosevelt, of course, lost again. RFK Stadium, August 16, 2007. © 2007-2010

Check out the Presidents Race Blog for updates, facts, videos, and the latest standings from the Washington Nationals presidents race.

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Teddy Roosevelt, Washington Nationals Presidents Race Loser
Washington Nationals
Image by Scott Ableman
Washington Nationals racing president Teddy Roosevelt holds up a campaign rally sign from at Nationals Park.

Teddy has never won the presidents race.

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