Cool Montreal Expos images

January 28, 2011

Check out these Montreal Expos images:

Montréal: Île Notre-Dame – Casino de Montréal
Montreal Expos
Image by wallyg
The Casino de Montréal, located on the Île Notre-Dame, is the largest casino in Canada, and among the top ten largest in the world. The casino consists of three buildings–the five-floored concrete, steel, and aluminum French Pavilion and the adjacent Quebec Pavilion, both built for Expo 67, and an annex built by the casino. It has over 3200 slot machines and over 120 gaming tables, four restaurants, four bars, a cabaret, and meeting and banquet facilities. Atypical of most casinos, there are windows and low ceilings on many of the gaming floors.

Sweek watches batting practice
Montreal Expos
Image by patita pirata
One of the last Monreal Expos games at Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

Expo 67 view
Montreal Expos
Montreal 1967

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