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January 21, 2011
Pittsburgh Pirates
by D.L.

Pay Less For Pittsburgh Penguins Tickets

     One of the hottest tickets in the NHL are Penguins tickets. Now you can go just aout anywhere to buy good seats but if you do a little homework you might find better tickets for a lot less. As a fan of the NHL my family has been to many games over the years. We use to buy tickets direct but you could say supply and demand has forced ticket prices through the roof. The lower level teams that come to the Consol Energy Center usually draw a smaller crowd and you will probably have better luck directly at the box office. But when a solid contender comes into town such as the Washington Capitals or the Philadelphia Flyers tickets then become scarce and become a little pricy. Now by turning to classified sites you might pay less but please be careful from whom you buy and where you search. Auction sites are another avenue in which you can buy but they have also become somewhat of a criminal center piece. What we recommend is buying from a legitimate ticket broker. But by doing this you will encounter some fees. Not that this is a bad thing, the broker usually buys these tickets early in the season and has to sit on them until the game you want to attend. They actually do you a favor by buying these tickets, though it’s the secondary market you still have the opportunity to grab them for a little over face value. The group Populous designed the Consol Energy Center, they also engineered PNC Park home of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Heinz Field home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Fan popularity was the forefront behind all three arenas. Mario Lemieux and Sidney Crosby had a lot to do with the design of this NHL rink. One of the highlights so far is that the 2013 frozen four will be played there on April 11th and 13th. Robert Morris will be host to this event. The university of Pittsburgh and Duquesne have dedicated locker rooms within the arena. August 18th 2010 the arena was opened by a sold out crowd with Paul McCartney singing all his hits. Tickets sold out in less then 2 minutes.

The Pittsburgh Community Comes Together

     One of the only teams in the NHL that does this, the Penguins roster delivers all season tickets to it’s fans before the season begins. They go door to door and it does’nt matter who you are the whole team is involved. It actually starts with team ownership. This is a great way to meet the players and get your seats at the same time. Maybe this is why Pittsburgh is different from any other city. The most profitable team in the NHL is your Pittsburgh Penguins. Buying cheap Penguins tickets to any game can be done by using your head. Find a local ticket broker and by sticking with them you will end up paying less. That’s right, dedication is how brokers give you better deals in the future. So start saving money and buy Cheap Pittsburgh Penguins Tickets for all games at the Consol Energy Center.

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