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January 1, 2011

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Montreal, QC (PRWEB) April 18, 2009

Biztree, a leading provider of in-software advertising, today announced it will be exhibiting at ad:tech San Francisco. Long regarded as a barometer for marketing trends and emerging technologies, ad:tech has secured key speakers at a special session dedicated to Biztree’s speciality: in-application advertising.

“This will be our fourth exhibition at a major digital marketing event,” announces an enthusiastic Jonathan Defoy, Co-President of Biztree. “This obviously won’t be our last. We’re really glad the industry is starting to take notice!”

While the mobile marketing world has been abuzz with in-application advertising for some time, this new digital advertising medium has only recently begun to surface on the web and on people’s desktop. Case in point, ad:tech organizers have planned a panel discussion on April 22nd devoted to in-application advertising, the process of displaying advertisements in software or web applications. The premise is simple: computer users spend most of their time inside (web) applications, which translates to an enormous amount of untapped advertising airtime.

What Biztree offers through Biztree Connect, its in-software advertising solution, is the best of two worlds: free productivity software (Biztree Desktop) that appeals to the business community, and a digital ad vehicle for marketers looking to connect with business people, directly on their desktop. Biztree Desktop, the leading business and legal forms software, has been made free thanks to the “in-software” ads of its sponsors.

“We knew we were on to something when Microsoft started testing an ad-funded version of Works last year (shipped through select computer makers),” says Marc Berouti, Director of Marketing at Biztree. “But the tipping point came out of the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco two weeks ago, when Stephen Elop preannounced an upcoming ad-supported version of Office.” He is referring to an onstage Q&A session at W2E in which Elop (President of the Microsoft Business Division) shared with Tim O’Reilly Microsoft’s plan to release a free, ad-supported, version of Office.

As the digitization of media has spearheaded a continual refinement of online marketing methods, the company’s digital advertising solution – Biztree Connect – opens up unprecedented opportunities for marketers. Agencies and brand advertisers are able to use Biztree Desktop as their very own brand vehicle. Biztree’s Co-President, Bruno Goulet, explains that “sponsors can connect with SMBs through seven channels; they can sponsor the download site and the installation process, show a video, own a piece of the software homepage, own a toolbar button, display skyscrapers alongside documents and sponsor our newsletters.”

While last month’s announcement about bigger display ads by the Online Publishers Association is good news, meant to “inspire a renaissance” of creative advertising on the web, Biztree seems to believe that a true advertising revival lies in its offering. “Sure bigger web ads are welcome… but the true renaissance lies in capturing new digital real-estate. You ain’t seen nothing yet!” exclaims Defoy.

About Biztree

Since 2001, Biztree has been increasing the productivity of business people in over 200 countries. Its flagship product, Biztree Desktop, is a business document templates software that provides over 1,500 templates of contracts, agreements, letters, board resolutions, spreadsheets, plans, proposals, press releases, policies and more.

Today, Biztree is pioneering the field of in-application advertising with Biztree Connect – a powerful in-software advertising solution that allows Advertisers and Agencies to connect with business people inside Biztree Desktop.


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