Baseball’s Montreal Expos are now the Washington Senators

January 6, 2011

(PRWEB) July 13, 2004

For years we have begged and pleaded for Bud Selig to move the Montreal Expos to the most logicial location. The capital of our nation, with over a million people within easy driving distance, has more money than they know what to do with. All of the negotiating and legal wrangling has failed miserably.

And then along came the strong voice of insanity, Oh Wow Look at, to save the day. We go through life in a fantasy world. We play fantasy football and fantasy baseball. So, what’s the harm in us putting a baseball team in Washington. Who’s it going to hurt? The good news is that it won’t raise your taxes and it won’t cause extra traffic problems. What a deal.

So, tune in to Oh Wow Look at at to check out the standings, game reports, what players are hot and who’s not, and stories about your own Washington Senators!


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