Top 5 Preseason American League Teams

December 29, 2010

The Major League Baseball is scheduled to start on 3rd March 2010. As always before the start of a season, expectations and predictions are doing the rounds with ever-increasing intensity and frequency.

As of now, predictions for 2010 are based purely on the performance of teams in 2009. In the American League, for example the Boston Red Sox of the East emerge as the clear favorites – with 94 wins and only 68 losses, far ahead of the West Zone winners Texas Rangers, who have 87 wins in the 2009 season.

The Boston Red Sex scored 808 runs in the 2009 season, with 677 runs being made against them. This gives them an average of .278. Having Josh Beckett and John Lackey, two of the best starters in the American League, on their side also helps substantially. It is also hoped that new signing, Mike Cameron, will be able to bolster the team’s already strong defense.

Second favorites are the New York Yankees, with 92 wins and 70 losses. There is really little to choose between the Yankees and the Sox, as the Yankees’ marginally better offense makes up for the pitching and defense, where the Sox are slightly ahead. Curtis Granderson and Javier Vazquez, the new signings, are definitely sure to make a mark on this team that looks nearly unbeatable… except that the Sox are almost exactly as good.

Third in line are the Tampa Bay Rays – this really is turning out to be an East Zone monopoly! They had a 91-71 win-loss record in 2009, and now the odds are stacked strongly in their favor. If all goes well, and their players such as DJ Upton, David Price, Matt Garza and Carlos Pena perform to their full potential, the Bay Rays will certainly have this one in the bag.

Fourth, let’s not forget the Chicago White Sox. This team has made it to the All-Star games several times, and happens to top the Central zone in 2009 with an 80-82 win-loss record. Competition is tough in the Central Zone, with the Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins also holding the same win-loss record. Only the White Sox’s defense is what puts them ahead of the rest. Two of the key players to watch will be Mark Buehrle and Gavin Floyd.

Fifth, we have the Seattle Mariners from the wild West. Armed with players like Felix Hernandez and Cliff Lee, they are equipped to battle the best – especially with new acquisitions Figgins, Kitchman, Bradley and Casey. However, the Texas Rangers may well prove to be a threat for the SEattle Mariners.

All in all, 2010 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the world at large, and for baseball in particular. Keep watching, and stay updated!

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