Terrific Baseball With Detroit Tigers Tickets

December 12, 2010

For those who want to catch some championship baseball, Detroit Tigers tickets are about the best you can get. While most teams are described as being consistent players, the Tigers are a team who are consistent winners, notching up American League pennants and World Series titles with apparent ease.

The Detroit Tigers are affiliated with the American League and the Central Division within Major League baseball. Their home ground is Comerica Park and the team is also known as the Bless You Boys. They have four World Series titles to their name, ten American League pennants and three titles from their former East Division.

A Slow Start

It might be hard to believe, but at one time nobody was interested in Detroit Tigers tickets. In fact, baseball in Detroit seemed to be in doldrums and the team was unable to pull in the fans that they needed to be a force to reckon with in the major leagues. For a team that had its beginnings in 1894, it wouldn’t be until 1905, when Ty Cobb, one of the biggest names in baseball took over the reigns of the team that things would begin to change.

It would take time but slowly the team began to find its strength and by the 1930s they were ranked among the best in the league. 1934 and 1935 in particular were great years for the Tigers as they pulled in World Series titles and an American League pennant. The fans loved it and Detroit Tigers tickets were in demand.

Highs And Lows

It seemed like the Tigers were a team that just wouldn’t quit. They grew from strength to strength, rising to the top yet again in 1968 when they scored another double World Series and American League win. But the Tigers seemed to run out of steam in the early seventies. Although the fans kept buying Detroit Tigers tickets and packing the stadiums, it was obvious that the team was mostly made up of veterans who had passed their prime.

It wouldn’t be until 1979 that the Tigers would have a turn-around under Sparky Anderson. He predicted a win for the team in five years and sure enough, the Tigers brought in an American League pennant in 1984. Though their performance had definitely improved, another World Series title kept eluding them. Many believe this played on team morale because the Tigers entered a slump which lasted until 2000. However, in 2006 the Tigers came back with a resounding roar, taking back their American League champ status and making it to the World Series. Today, the Tigers are a serious force to contend with for any baseball team.

Many baseball fans love to get Detroit Tigers tickets to watch them battle it out with their rivals, which include the Toronto Blue Jays, Cleveland Indians and the Chicago White Sox. The Tigers have also put some outstanding names in the Baseball Hall of Fame, including Ty Cobb, Sparky Anderson, Mickey Cochrane, Sam Crawford and Goose Goslin. You can always count on great baseball action with the Tigers so an investment in Detroit Tigers tickets is an investment in a great baseball game. For fans buying their tickets online, make sure you get them from an authorized ticket vendor.

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