Remember (A Tribute to the Montreal Expos) by Annakin Slayd ft. Rachelle Houde

December 6, 2010

Free download of the mp3 here… In light of Andre Dawson being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this weekend, I decide to pay homage to the ‘Spos. Song Credits Written by Andrew Farrar, Jean-MIchel Simard (Sample of “Gathering Crowds by John Scott) Produced by Annakin Slayd and Mitch Album Mixed and Mastered by Mitch Album Additional Vocals by Rachelle Houde Video directed and edited by Andrew Farrar Lyrics Anni Slayd’s got the spring time blues real bad Can’t help but reminisce about the great years we had I remember photo day ’83 summer Yeah, still have the pic of me, my Pops and my brother I remember All Star game five men strong Fifty-nine thousand fans looking on I remember tears at the Kid’s last game Stood right behind him as the anthem played Now my homemade sign’s got his autographed name On the newspaper cover, first brush with fame. I remember singing Val-der-ree, Val-der-rah ’03 Wild Card race, last hurrah I remember Vlad 40-40 and the call they got wrong The game against the Braves Cliff Floyd going long Still missin’ Montreal ball six years on Yeah sometimes you don’t know what you got till it’s gone This one’s for the Kid and the Cat and the Hawk And this one’s for Grip, Larry Walk and the Rock This one’s for El Presidente, Mo and O-Cab and this one’s for Spaceman, Cro and Vlad Most of all this one for us, the fans who stuck With the ‘Spos when the times were tough singing Those were the days I’m a Expo for life no matter what

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