Red Sox Rally Song Gains Momentum – More Than 10,000 Downloads Online

December 13, 2010

Chicopee, MA (PRWEB) July 30, 2006

The 10,000 plus downloads of a Red Sox Rally song gains momentum as it strives to become the Official In Park Rally Song for the Boston Red Sox. Western Massachusetts-based musicians Michael Bouchard, Ted Chmura III, Charles Vadnais and Joe Vadnais have recorded Red Sox Rock,” a rockin’ rally song featuring a catchy, crowd-riling call-and-response style chorus.

“We wrote the chorus specifically to be chanted by a park full of Sox fans during a game at Fenway,” says composer Ted Chmura III, “… and we’ve created a 32-second ‘Rally Mix’ of the song for just that occasion. It’s our dream that the song eventually gets adopted as The Official In-Park Rally Song of the Boston Red Sox. Until then, our goal is for every Sox fan to have a copy of the tune for their personal enjoyment.”

“Red Sox Rock”

(Ted Chmura III/TC3 Music – ASCAP)

Well I can fell the breeze blow over the city.

Feels like it is summer time again.

In the bright lights over Boston

In the streets I hear the sound

As tonight’s startin’ pitcher takes the mound.

And the players take the field.

We’ve got two runners in scoring position.

Here come my new hero to bat.

Well there’s bedlam in Boston

As we chase another ring.

I can hear the crowd beginning to sing…

Singin’ Red Sox Rock

Singin’ Red Sox Rock

Well the Red Sox Rock

Well the Red Sox Rock

Yah the Red Sox Rock

Well the Red Sox Rock

Well the Red Sox Rock

Swing batter!

Well the Red Sox Rock

Well the Red Sox Rock

Well they rock over Boston

All the way down to Houston

All the way to San Jose

All over the nation

Well the Red Sox Rock

And the Red Sox Rock

Red Sox Rock

Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox Rock

Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox

Red Sox Rock.

( © 2005 by Ted Chmura III/TC# Music – ASCAP)

The song has been made available for non-commercial use free at where fans are encouraged to “download it; play it; share it; sing it; scream it; taunt your Yankee-Fan Friends with it … call your favorite radio station and request it; get a copy to your friends … have a blast as we lift up and support our Sox!”

Organizations considering using the song in commercial productions are encouraged to contact Ted Chmura III via phone or e-mail.

For information: or

Phone: 413-592-4184

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