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December 29, 2010

A convenient online Chicago ticket broker is just the service you need when you want to find Chicago baseball tickets. You can look online anytime it suits your hectic schedule, and there you will find chicago baseball tickets, including Chicago Cubs tickets.

The Cubs’ schedule will also be listed at the ticket broker’s website, so you can see which games have tickets available, and compare that to when you have free time, and then decide which Chicago baseball ticket you want. You can pay through the secure online website, and then your online ticket broker will mail the chicago cubs tickets to you in time for you to use them for the game you have selected to attend.

The Chicago Cubs play at the famous Wrigley Field in Chicago, and they wear blue-colored primary uniforms. The current team manager is Lou Piniella. The team is part of the roster of teams making up the Central Division of the National League. The rival Chicago baseball team is the Chicago White Sox. Wrigley Field is named for the man who founded the Wrigley Chewing Gum Company in Chicago, and it is the oldest National League baseball park that is still in use today. Harry Caray was the name of the famous announcer who used to call the Cub’s ball games. Today you can experience the history of this wonderful baseball team by attending games at Wrigley Field, or in other venues when the Cubs play away games.

The Cubs’ schedule indicates that they will be playing the Colorado Rockies at home during the second weekend in April, followed by the St. Louis Cardinals the following week. Chicago baseball tickets for all of these games, held at Wrigley Field, are currently available through an online ticket broker. Unlike other sports, you will find that Chicago Cubs tickets start at very reasonable prices, so you could easily take in their whole home season if you so desired. The stadium is divided into different levels and sections, as well as different popular locations, including home base, 1st base, and the dugout. You will be able to see Chicago Cubs tickets for different parts of the ballpark, so you can choose exactly the seat you want. Many times several seats are located together, so you can each purchase a chicago baseball ticket and go with a group of friends or family to enjoy the game. Sometimes you will also find parking available when you purchase Chicago baseball tickets online. But no matter how you make your way to the ballpark, you will enjoy a great day of baseball when you select Chicago baseball tickets from an online ticket broker.

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