Popular Montreal attractions

December 24, 2010

Montreal has the typical European flamboyance and sophistication that crafts it as one of the few most popular metropolitan centers all over Canada. It is the second leading Canadian city and is located next to Toronto. In addition, Montreal attractions have a astonishing lineup of museums, historic landmarks, and cultural centers.


Mentioned below are few of the popular Montreal attractions:


Old Montreal & Old Port


Old Montreal and old port is acknowledged as a jewel nestled by the side of the St. Lawrence River. On one occasion it was a fortified city and is now a protected and energetic community.


Similar to Quebec City, Old Montreal is incredibly European in its character. A café culture, cobblestone streets, along with the historic seventeenth and eighteenth century architecture, the entire contribute to the picturesque charisma of Old Montreal, which is exceptional amongst the cities of North America.


A Walk up on Saint-Denis Street and on Saint-Laurent Boulevard


Particularly for all of the shopping enthusiasts, on the other hand of interest to any person who wish for seeing Montreal at its most happening and hippest, the area that is in and around Saint-Laurent Boulevard and Saint-Denis Street (not that far from the renowned Parc Jean Mance) shows off numerous great restaurants, shops, and boutiques populated several well dressed fine-looking people.


Point-a-Calliere Museum


Point-a-Calliere Museum is a astonishing museum that discovers the history of Montreal all through its archaeological studies and the artifacts. In addition, Point-a-Calliere proffers an outstanding guided tour and free of cost admission. This sightsee includes an expedition of an authentic archaeological dig surrounded by the building. In reality, this museum conserves and displays several square meters of the archaeological remains in the site. The museum also has a nice restaurant placed in close proximity.


Montreal Biodome


Montreal Biodome is the science centre and an ecological zoo, which is an abode to four distinctive ecosystems: flourishing Tropical Forest, St Lawrence Marine Ecosystem, temperate Laurentian Forest, and also the Polar Worlds of the Antarctic and the Arctic. Montreal Biodome is one of the popular Montreal attractions and great visit for the families.


Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art



Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art is a great gallery and is centrally located. In its collection that has more than 7,000 artworks, which are produced by around 1,500 artists. Both including the Canadian and, more particularly, Quebec artists are characterized. The admission to Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art is without any charge and guided tours are arranged on Wednesday evenings.


The Lachine Canal


One time a way for avoiding the Lachine Rapids over the St Lawrence River, this Lachine Canal National Historic Site nowadays recommends a 14 km (8.7-miles) bicycle pathway and pedestrian way, numerous picnic areas along with open green spaces. Run away from the metropolis for some time and simply bike or else paddle the length of the Lachine Canal.


Casino de Montréal (commonly Montreal Casino)


Although you are by no means the gambling kind, the Montreal Casino is a prospect to take a look at. Built within the pavilions of Quebec and France from Expo ’67, this casino is a multi-stage extravaganza of entertainment and v adult fun.


These Montreal attractions are worth taking a look at while exploring various regions of Montreal.

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