Nothing Says Baseball Like New York Yankee Tickets

December 27, 2010

New York Yankee tickets have become synonymous with great baseball. When compared to other baseball teams, the Yankees seem to be in an entirely different league and are known to play some of the most outstanding baseball in the history of the game. No wonder they are probably the most popular baseball team around.

The New York Yankees play in the Major League and are also affiliated with the American League and the East Division. The team’s home turf is Yankee Stadium and they have an impressive 26 World Series Titles to their name as well as 39 American League pennants.

Orioles To Yankees

The New York Yankees are one of the older teams in the Major League, beginning in 1901 as the Baltimore Orioles. The team was later shifted to New York in 1903 where they were first known as the Highlanders and then the Yankees. To many fans, it seemed like the change of name and place changed the fortunes of the team as well.

Things really picked up for the Yankees after they brought on a very special player by the name Babe Ruth. While the loss of Babe Ruth made the Red Sox suffer from what many call the Curse of the Bambino, the Yankees flourished and New York Yankee tickets were in high demand. People flocked to see Ruth rack up the home runs and also to see one of the strongest line ups in baseball, aptly called Murderer’s Row. Many consider it the best line up in baseball history.

Rise of The Titans

Ruth would eventually leave the team in 1934 and many thought there would be a drop in sales of New York Yankee tickets. However the Yankees continued to pound every team, mainly because of the presence of players like Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio, two stalwarts in baseball history. The World Series Titles kept coming in and the Yankees seemed to spawn more and more baseball greats like Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford and Mickey Mantle.

During the eighties, New York Yankee tickets were still a hot commodity but signaled the start of a dry spell for the team. Though they had the most total number of wins and one of the best offensive teams, the Yankees would fail to make a World Series win during the eighties. The overall performance of the team began to lag behind and by 1990; the team that seemed unbeatable just a few years ago had the worst record in the Major League. In 1996 the Yankees came back to win the World Series yet again and New York Yankee tickets became almost impossible to find. Today the Yankees are still one of the strongest teams in baseball. They have also created history by becoming the first team to sign on players from China.

One of the reasons why New York Yankee tickets are so popular is because the Yankees have a huge fan following. These include the popular Fred Schumann, The Bleacher Creatures and celebrities like Billy Crystal, Adam Sandler, Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Jessica Parker. Wearing a Yankees hat is also popular with a number of hip-hop artists. Join the crowd and catch some stupendous baseball action with some New York Yankee tickets. Buy them online through an authorized ticket vendor.

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