New York Yankees Blogger Unravels Real Reason Why George Steinbrenner Sees WBC as a Threat

December 14, 2010

Gaithersburg, MD (PRWEB) March 9, 2006

How does New York Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner really feel about the World Baseball Classic (WBC)?

His opposition to his players participating in the WBC is no secret. But what many pundits have missed is the real reason behind Steinbrenner’s reluctance to support the WBC:

“It’s about rejecting a system that would threaten the Yankees’ storybook success in the major leagues,” says Blogger Mark Gallagher, of Inside the New York

An expert who has been writing about the New York Yankees for over 25 years, Gallagher explains why Steinbrenner, perhaps more than any other Major League team owner, feels threatened by the WBC. And it doesn’t have to do with player injuries.

“The truth is even the Red Sox can’t do to the Yankees what a successful WBC has the power to do: Make the Yankees less relevant,” says Gallagher. “And Steinbrenner knows it.”

Onwer of a team with 104 seasons of storybook history and 26 World Series titles, Steinbrenner simply doesn’t want any kind of system, global or not, to change what the Yankees represent to baseball, here and throughout the world, Gallagher says.

“In his worst nightmare, I’m sure he has considered a world that counts the days to the WBC championship every few years and, in between, makes do with various ‘World Series’-type national championships, played in the USA, Japan, Latin America, and other places,” explains Gallagher. “If the focus on what is really important in baseball changes, the Yankees stand to be the biggest losers. And, that, I believe, is why George Steinbrenner really dislikes the WBC.”

Mark Gallagher is one of the foremost experts in New York Yankees history and creator of the Inside the New York Yankees.

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