Morris County Yankee Fan Loses Friendly Wager Forced to Publicly Masquerade as Red Sox Fan for a Day

December 23, 2010

Boonton, NJ (PRWEB) October 29, 2004

Jane-Anne Mennella, a self-professed lifelong Yankee Fan, would fit right in on the streets of Boston today. Born in the Bronx, Mennella would need an armed escort to walk around Yankee stadium this afternoon.

Why? A woman of her word, Mennella recently bet a co-worker, John Sutermeister, that the Yankees would win the recent Yankees/Red Sox series. The loser of wager would have to dress up as a fan of the opposing team for a day.

True to her promise, when the Yankees lost the series, Ms. Mennella, a Chatham, NJ resident, is dressed up as fan of the team (Red Sox) now 27 outs from winning its first World Series title since 1918.

MennellaÂ’s Red Sox garb today consists of:

·An official Red Sox home jersey

·A pink Boston hat

·A blue t-shirt with red-stitched letters

In addition, Ms. MennellaÂ’s office is adorned with the following Official Red Sox gear:

·A coffee mug

·A mouse pad

·Pedro Martinez bobble-head doll

·Official Red Sox trash can

“I hadn’t lost this bet three years in a row,” said Ms. Mennella of her standing wager that the Yankees will win. Mennella, who is employed by Boonton, NJ-based DigitalGrit, a Web marketing and technology firm, added “With the Sox, I thought this bet was as sure a thing as death and taxes.”

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