Mandy Block, victim of July 9th 2003 Sausage Race, swims with dolphins at Dolphin Academy in Curacao, the homeland of Pittsburgh Pirates

December 16, 2010

Willemstad, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles (PRWEB) March 20, 2004

Mandy Block, victim of July 9th 2003 “Sausage Incident” during a Major League Baseball match, swims with dolphins as a special guest at Curacao Dolphin Academy On Thursday March 18.

Mandy Block, accident victim of the July 9th 2003 Sausage Race at baseball stadium Miller Park which is called home by the United States of America Major League Baseball Team the Milwaukee Brewers, accepted the invitation on March 18 2004 to participate in the dolphin swim program at Curacao Dolphin Academy while vacationing in Curacao, the homeland of Pittsburgh Pirates first baseman Randall Simon, as a special guest of the island’s Tourist Buro.

Mandy Block caught the attention of the world when she became the victim of the so-called “sausage incident”, during a Major League Baseball match in the United States of America between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Pittsburgh Pirates. The sausage race, is a traditional fan favorite in the Milwaukee Brewers home baseball stadium Miller Park, where four people dressed as oversized sausages run an infield race between the sixth and the seventh innings.

During the game, Pittsburgh Pirates player Randall Simon, a native from Curacao, swatted the Italian sausage costume worn at that time by Mandy Block. Randall Simon was trying to play with the sausages, but his joke went awry when Mandy Block fell, while also taking along in her fall the girl in the Polish sausage costume. Though Mandy and the second girl didnÂ’t get hurt, Randall regretted his joke very much.

The entire world witnessed the incident via live TV broadcast of the baseball event and the subsequent world media news reports. There was a lot of negative publicity around Randall Simon and his Curacao background afterwards. To end the negative reports, and to cheer up Mandy, the Curacao Tourism Buro (CTB) invited Mandy to visit Curacao, the largest of five islands of the Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean. Mandy, who was extremely surprised about all the attention she received during her vacation in Curacao, accumulated allot of positive experiences during her stay, and she especially enjoyed swimming with the Bottlenose dolphins at Curacao Dolphin Academy.

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