Major League Baseball Fan packs Detroit Tigers, Florida Marlins, Chicago White Soxs, Seattle

December 26, 2010

Mike (indyreds) sent out e-mail requests to all MLB teams,except Padres, Yankees, Dodgers and Twins and 27 minor league teams today! So this is the first wave of packages that arrived. As we just wanted to document what people can get. As you see you can probably make request to get the card of a different player if you wanted to. So just a idea there as there where a total of 9 cards from players received which make for great tradebait or PC items if they are your favorite team or player. So with the fanpacks came pencils, pocket schedules, magnets, all star balloting forms, cards, and much much more. Cards we received were: 2009 Rock Round Express (33 card team set) WOW Houston Astros: Brandon Backe Seattle Mariners Felix Hernandez Franklin Gutierrez Ichiro Suzuki Moose Ken Griffey Jr. Dave Niehaus Detroit Tigers Brandon Inge Florida Marlins Dan Uggla Hanley Ramirez Andrew Dawson Fredi Gonzalez So if you are into fanpacks or just after some free stuff from the various ballclubs stop by Sportscardofrum. As we have a great new TTM (Thru The Mail) database with thousands of addresses available for many of the past, present, and future stars. Of course if you want you can help us expand it as it grows. The TTM has a neat features where you can track how long it takes to receive the item you sent and how many if you send multiplies. Also, you can see how others have fared as if 10 people send a item and only 7 come back it would show a 70 percent success rate. So drop by and
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