LED “wireless” lighting technology now available for the marine, yacht, and general boat industries

December 13, 2010

SEATTLE, WA (PRWEB) April 7, 2004

“Wireless” lighting technology now available for the marine market. MarineLED™ LLC – a Seattle-based dealer of marine-specific LED lighting – is pleased to announce the opening of their e-commerce website. Founded in January, 2003 by a group of boating enthusiasts, MarineLED is passionate about exploring the dramatic potential for light emitting diode (LED) lighting for vessels of all types and sizes. MarineLED is committed to working with its suppliers and partners to bring this cutting-edge technology to their valued clients.

MarineLED puts a new spin on marketing ‘wireless’ technology by specializing in only filament-free lighting. Since its inception in 1879, the light bulb used a filament – or wire – to create light by heating white-hot with electricity. Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology has advanced rapidly over the past five years to enable efficient light output without a hot wire. Essentially a LED is a semiconductor which converts electricity directly into light, eliminating the fragile filament and associated problems with power draw, wasted heat, and breakage. The result is a jump in efficiency from 18% to a whopping 90% – a perfect marriage for the marine environment.

Boasting a life span of nearly 100,000 hours (over 10 years continuous running), an epoxy-sealed housing, and a 90% efficiency rating, LED lighting represents the perfect lighting system for the harsh marine environment.

Following the resounding success of local Seattle-area market testing, MarineLED began rapid nationwide expansion in mid-2003, and has established itself as the first supplier of marine-specific LED lighting on the popular auction site, eBay®.

“Until fairly recently, marine lighting was based on the conventional light bulb invented in 1879, using a hot filament to produce light,” said Nicholas Blenkush, President of MarineLED LLC. “Solid state LED lighting technology has recently become widespread in the transportation industry on commercial trucks, mass-transit, and city signal lights. The marine industry is the next logical step in this lighting evolution”

Of special interest to the powerboat- and sailboat-cruising community is the significantly lower power draw and extremely long life of these products compared to incandescent lights – critical needs when the only power supply available is that which is self-contained upon the vessel, and replacement lighting is impractical while underway.

“Boats of all varieties are inherently hard on lights – with vibration, corrosive moisture, and temperature extremes,” Blenkush continued. “In addition, boats must contain their own power supply while at sea. About eighty percent of the power produced for filament-based lighting is wasted as heat. LED lighting is a quantum leap forward in addressing these problems with a robust, extremely efficient, and safe alternative.”

With successful sales established nationally in the major marine markets, MarineLED is looking forward to establish itself as a leading supplier of quality marine LED lighting in the international markets with this revolutionary technology.

Products are currently available on the company’s website at:


Contact MarineLED LLC – info@marineled.com, (206) 219-3810


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